Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Fridays: Museum Discos and Pluto Killers

{First Fridays at the LA County Museum of Natural History}

Who would think that hanging out at museum on a Friday night would be the cool thing to do? The Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History has made weekend night museum hopping desirable. Social pedants, pretentious hipsters, and spontaneous thrill seekers unite! First Fridays is the place to be.

The real reason why we went: my boyfriend falls into every single one of those aforementioned categories of people. Somehow this charismatic little S.O.B. finagled his way into the sold out lecture by Mike Brown, the astronomer that "killed Pluto." This extremely enthusiastic and intelligent academic  was clever and even made jokes about naming the moon "Dysnomia" after his wife, Diane, which happens to be the goddess of lawlessness, pain, and suffering (he joked).

In a nutshell, yes, we went to First Fridays to nerd out.

However, to bring back the cool factor (aside from my nerdy picture with the polar bear below), First Fridays transforms the Museum of Natural History into a swanky lounge complete with bars, cabanas and djs. We were able to roam the museum drink in hand, and feel like an intelligent human being that doesn't ignore her moral values (a complete contrast from the pounding meat markets also known as Hollywood clubs).

Check out the First Fridays website - I'm geeking out as we speak because Jared Diamond is doing the lecture on Friday, March 30.

{My new boyfriend is taller, whiter, and hairier}
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  1. How cool ! This is like something you would see in a Hollywood film.

    I hope you enjoyed yourself.



  2. night at the museum, always wanted to do that!! X

  3. This looks like so much fun! I need to go to the one here in nyc! Would love for you to check out my blog and enter my very special giveaway! Follow me, I follow you!?




  4. This is so neat! I wish I where there so I could go too. Love the pic with the polar bear.

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