Friday, March 16, 2012

Preparing for the Storm

This weekend Los Angeles is supposed to be hit with a huge rain storm. I'm looking forward to the free car wash courtesy of mother nature, lots of good food and good drinks, and wearing lots of green (or even wearing orange since fun fact: it's the color of the Protestant Irish).

Although the rain my curb a lot of Saint Patrick's Day plans, there is always a silver lining: it's a great excuse to have a small-get together and walk to a local bar to partake in the activities. My roommate and I are throwing a potluck on Saturday where everyone brings their favorite appetizer (since last year's lack of food ended in disaster) or beverage to share with the rest of the room.

We're excited to have a more grown up spin to this crazy holiday. I plan on making my own adaptation to bacon wrapped asparagus or green mashed potatoes, and maybe even doing this to my food to make it like a pot o' gold.

Sidenote: Does George Clooney getting arrested this morning make him that much hotter, or is it just me?

{This reminds me of my sister and I}

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