Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Social Satire: 21st-Century Subcultural Tribes

{Popcore dork is stoked on life}

Now this just may be my favorite internet gem (it's just too funny!): social commentary turned illustration-diagram at it's finest.

We are all well aware of the social stereotypes that mainstream (or so not mainstream that it loops around and becomes mainstream) culture consist of. Rob Dubi created these hysterical portraits that take a look at these subcultural stereotypes in depth.

His line of portraits, entitled "Your Scene Sucks," mocks scene queens, prehistoric emos, myspace whores, and many other scenes so indicative of pop culture.

Which scene are you? I admit that I have been a popcore-dork-myspace-whore hybrid at my finest moments naturally.

(Found originally on Design Taxi.)

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