Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here, and Los Angeles graciously has bestowed upon us a hint of great weather. Unfortunately I'm spending it indoors working for a living. This spring has a lot in store for me in terms of personal entertainment that I'm really really looking forward for. From little things like friends visiting and the Mad Men premiere next weekend, to big events like Coachella and celebrating my good friend's last few months in Los Angeles before vet school, spring 2012 is going to be a spring to remember.

A word from the wise:
  • Wear sunscreen: Nothing ages you faster than a sunburn. Wearing sunscreen daily even if you're not outside a lot is key to looking young (and not having to wear a lot of makeup when  it's practically melting off anyways). However, layer on the sunscreen and get outside for some quality vitamin D.
  • Don't fear lipstick: A fresh brush of lipstick is my favorite look for fall. Brush on some bronzer and a tart orange lipstick to look sweet and bright.
  • Eat healthily: This spring eating light will keep you from getting sluggish in the hot afternoons. Try my smashed cauliflower, veggie "pasta", or balsamic salmon for a meal that doesn't skimp on flavor.
  • Buy a new dress: How much prettier do you feel when you're wearing a new dress? Buy yourself at least one new dress this spring to make yourself feel pretty and confident.
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  1. I REALLY want to rock hot pink lipstick, I just need to find the courage first haha.

    1. I recently bought a Cover Girl fuchsia lipstick on a whim at the drugstore - I find that it's not too crazy if you stick to matte colors instead of glossy (you avoid looking like a Barbie or someone from Real Housewives!)


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