Sunday, March 25, 2012

Throw Your Own Mad Men Party (Like Betty or Joan)

{The fabulous cast of Mad Men}

Obsessed... obsessed... obsessed. I have been waiting for Mad Men to come back on AMC, and it has finally arrived after a long long wait. It is time to celebrate by throwing a 1960s party... something like Betty Draper would have hosted circa season 1 or season 2, but with Peggy's sense of independence, and Joan's sultry confidence.

Dress Like Betty, Joan, and Peggy

{Red lips, curled hair, figure-flattering dresses}

All three women have a very different style, and a very different outlook on life. Although I feel like I'm a Peggy-Joan hybrid, there are so many beautiful collections that will allow you to style yourself like these fabulous, strong women of the 1960s. Estée Lauder gives you supple red lips, and glowing pink cheeks. Similarly, Banana Republic has a darling, flattering Mad Men collection that will allow you to embrace your inner Betty or Joan - but who would want to be a Betty after season 4?

Drink 'Till You're Mad

{Peggy socializes with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Campbell}

Don't be afraid to break out the cheap whiskey and the cheap vodka and mix them with all sorts of classic 1960s mixers. Vodka gimlets (with Rose's lime juice), whiskey old fashioneds, Manhattans (whiskey and sweet vermouth), and dirty martinis should be on your menu. Complement your bartending skills with chips and dips, salted nuts, lots of olives, and plenty of citrus for garnishes. Who knows: if you provide enough sufficient food and booze, maybe a sexy man like Don Draper will show up to sweep you off your feet?

Only Boring People are Bored (so don't invite boring people)

{Joan Holloway knows how to party}

When your guests arrive, make sure to be playing the Beatles, Beach Boys, the Eisley Brothers, and James Brown. For your guests put out cards, board games, and clear a space for retro dancing. Once the show starts, dim the lights, have plenty of ice and fresh drinks, and sit down for the big premiere. When in doubt, you can always consult the official AMC Mad Men Party Guide.

I'm so excited - and I can't wait to hear what you think about the premiere! Mad Men has really influenced my style and appreciation for women's independence, which is saying that it influenced my life in a good way. I will be in San Diego this weekend watching the premiere with one of my oldest friends - and trust me, if the room is not silent, I will probably leave to watch it in solitude. Can. Not. Wait!
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  1. Love this. I'm watching the new episode tonight! I can't wait!

  2. as soon as my exams are over I start watching mad men...
    everyone is talking about it everywhere! :)


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