Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheese (Please)

I thank my lucky stars everyday that I'm not lactose-intolerant because I have a love, a love for cheese. If I could I would eat cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, fourth meal... I'm getting carried away now. Regardless, you can't live on a diet of cheese alone (sadly that leads to a very malnourished person because cheese is not a vegetable... pity). So I have taken it upon myself to match some of my favorite cheeses to some star players for some tasty recipes that are scrumptious and yes, cheesy.

White cheddar and apples: Slice up an apple, slice up some cheese, throw it between some sourdough bread with a little butter and you have a sweet and savory grilled cheese. (Hey, there's even one serving of fruit!)
Bleu cheese and avocado: On a burger or over a slice of iceberg lettuce, the saltiness of the cheese with the creaminess of the avocado is the perfect combination.
Brie and apricot jam: Slather cheese and jam on a baguette. This was my main food source when I lived in Grenoble.
French feta and walnuts: Ever tried French feta? Briney, salty, creamy and delicious. Throw on a pita with chopped (or toasted) walnuts for crunch. (French feta is made with goat's milk, as opposed to the popular Greek feta made with sheep's milk.)
Goat cheese and grapes: Goat cheese goes well with everything if you ask me. Slice some grapes in half, and put on a platter with some goat cheese and crackers and you've got yourself a party.
Greek feta and beets: Greek feta goes famously with beets tossed together in a salad with some arugula and sherry vinaigrette. The salty feta complements the sweet beets.
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  1. Me too ! I love love love CHEESE :)


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