Tuesday, March 27, 2012

She Sells Seashells

{Seychelles "Wheel of Fortune" Sandals, Gypsy 05 Rose Silk Belted Dress, Electric Women's "Rockabye" Sunglasses, Village Serena Small Tote by Cole Haan}

The rain has finally cleared and I have started to incorporate kale into my diet which means only one thing: Coachella is around the corner. Lately, I have been channeling my inner 2-year-old due to a hearty hit of nostalgia, and have recently taken up an obsession with seashells.

Why not? They're shiny, iridescent, and nature's treasures. I remember when I used to live in Arizona, we used to vacation to California and Mexico and I used to collect seashells and keep them in Mason jars.

As an adult I keep looking for trinkets and nick-knacks to keep adding to my style (as seen in my recent accessory kick and my obsession with orange and green separately, of course). With Coachella anxiety kicking in (like what to wear? and how in the world am I going to see everyone that I want to see with the Sunday line-up?), I have decided to make my life and yours easier by throwing together this Coachella worthy seashell ensemble (and give you a chuckle by adding some photos of my seashell collecting days in Mexico as a child).

{O.P.I. 'Kyoto Pearl' polish, gifted pearl necklace, vintage seashell bracelet from Thailand}

{Amy and Papa circa 1990}

{Amy: San Carlos, Mexico circa 1990}
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