Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brie and Jam Pastry Pockets

{Brie and jam pastry puffs workstation where brie was prematurely consumed}

Since it's the first day of March, I am going to make an outlandish wish that we ditch the green beer and dedicate this month solely to cheese. I ask you this: have you ever had something that tasted so right that it was almost wrong? How about combining five (yes, only five) of the most sinfully delicious ingredients together to create a whole new level of Deliciousity? Yes, I created a new word to describe these little pockets of wonderful. It should be against the law to layer brie, puffed pastry, jam, eggs and sugar together, throw it in the oven, and consume it in one day.

This last weekend I was at home in San Diego and I came across this recipe which suggested the heavenly pairing. I had been dying (literally dying) to make these for weeks now. Finally, I made a few modifications and mixed it up by adding some various flavors of Bonne Maman jam (six were apricot and six were raspberry) and indulged. Embarrassingly enough, my dad and I scarfed them before the sun even set. I recommend them for breakfast, snack, or dessert (or dinner or lunch depending on how gluttonous you're feeling).

 {I almost ate them before baking them}
{Perfectly puffed and oozing with goodies}
{Oh my, how can you resist the flaky, cheesy goodness}
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