Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do You Accessorize?

{Gifted souvenir bracelets from Colombia, Thailand, and China; Tiffany's "Atlas" ring and silver cuff; Caché glass bangle}

When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on. - Coco Chanel

I tend to overdo the accessories...

...And according to the God of all things fashion, Coco Chanel, you're supposed to avoid over-doing the accessories by taking off the last thing you put on.

Personally, this makes me want to over-accessorize so that when I take the last thing off, I still have a handful of chunky bracelets still on. I don't usually wear a necklace (it tends to draw attention downwards for me, which I generally avoid), but when it comes to rings and bracelets, my philosophy is go big or go home.

What do you do? Are you a minimalist when it comes to accessorizing, or do you enjoy the chunky Boho bracelets and flashy cocktail rings? I like to flip flop between the two to keep things interesting, but I'm always open to suggestions. Personal style is personal after-all.
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