Friday, March 2, 2012

Orange Crush

Color me this, color me that. I've got a crush on orange. Yes, spring is still around the corner, but I can't help but paint my nails candy-colored tangerine, throw some old-lady coral-orange lipstick on my lips and own it like it's 1959.

Maybe it's because my dad's favorite color is orange. What can I say? I'm my father's daughter. Orange has slowly become my favorite color all over again. My style has evolved through the gradient: first it was red, then it was coral, and now I have worked my way to the most vibrant of all colors to wear on your nails, hips and lips. You can go preppy, vintage, retro or boho - there are no limitations to this color.

{Nail polish - L'Oreal 'l'orange'; Lipstick - Revlon 'Siren'; Cuff - Vintage gift from Thailand}

Now I feel the need to go on a crazy shopping spree: orange shoes, orange sunglasses, and orange sweaters. I'm going to look like a big orange walking down the street - or two big oranges (if you know what I mean). My sister says that this trend is going to be très passé in a couple of months, but what do I care? She wears all black. However, since all of my favorited tangerine trinkets tend to cost a pretty penny, so I'm calling this one a wishlist.

{1. Lanvin 'Puzzle' Open Toe Wedge; 2. J. Crew 'Merino' Boyfriend Sweater; 3. Prada 'Puzzles' Sunglasses; 4. Kate Spade 'Grand Street Kaley' Purse; 5. Hermes Classic Orange Cuff}

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