Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obsessed with... Lipstick

{A little lipstick goes a long way}

Who wants to leave their fluffy bed early in the morning? Not me.

This means that I have to cut corners and find a lazy-girl’s way of looking good for work.

Shortcut found: lipstick.

Throw on your moisturizer, some mascara, and your favorite color of lipstick for an extremely quick, extremely put together look. Here are my favorites...

{Clockwise: Charlize in Plum, January in Coral, Cameron in Pink, Megan in Nude, Taylor in Fuchsia, Anne in Red}

Best Dark Lipstick: Revlon Color Burst in Plum 

None of us want to look goth with our lipstick like Taylor Momsen, but this color is elegant and goes on so smoothly with a hint of gloss. It’s a great color for any complexion, and stays on forever. You can apply it as light or as thick as you feel comfortable, and it is a great alternative to a red. It also is dark enough that you can get away with some mascara and look like you spent hours on your make-up (like Charlize Theron).

Best Classic Red Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

If you like lipstick, you must get the MAC matte lipstick on Russian Red. It is the perfect Christmas red, and goes on like a lip stain. It’s not too glossy, but not too dry. Perfect for a holiday party, or a night out on the town. It’s also a color that you can pair with light make-up (like Anne Hathaway), or dress it up with a smokey eye (like Christina Aguilera) for an event.

Best Pink Lipstick: Clinique “Different” Lipstick in Raspberry Glace

I came across this color from my mother’s make-up box - she actually gave it to me to wear for dress up when I was little (what a steal!). She obviously didn’t know what gem of a lipstick color she was giving up, and I didn’t realize until I recently started obsessing over lipstick. Pink lipsticks are kind of a hit-or-miss type of situation for me. However, Clinique’s “Different Lipstick” goes on smooth and creamy (like chapstick), and doesn’t lay on the color too heavily. The Raspberry Glace is still pink, but dark enough that you don’t look like a plastic doll (a la Barbie). Lay it on over chapstick for spring, or lay it on thicker for winter (like Cameron Diaz).

Best Coral Lipstick: Revlon Super Lustrous in Siren

This is not your grandmother’s tacky orange lipstick. Siren gives your lips a gorgeous “I-just-ate-a-Popsicle” stain-like color. It’s youthful and adds a great pop of color to a neutral outfit (like January Jones) without looking cheap or aged. Plus, it's a 1960s classic color (and we all know that that's back in style).

Best Fuchsia Lipstick: Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Spellbound

I have to admit, I was dreading trying this fuchsia lipstick trend (partially because spelling fuchsia is a challenge all in itself - fushcia... fuschia... fyoosha...?). Then I tried on my friend's fuchsia lipstick and I was hooked. For a bright tint, or a thick application for a pop of color, this 1980s friendly trend is one that flatters most every complexion (even the pale ones like Taylor Swift!).

Best Nude Lipstick: Nars Honolulu Honey

I am not generally a fan of nude lipstick - in the past I have not been able to pull it off without looking sick (or dead). The key to a perfect nude lipstick is to get one that is slightly shiny, and one shade brighter (not darker) than your skin tone. Honolulu Honey makes any complexion shine, and goes perfectly with a more dramatic eye (like Megan Fox).
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