Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Favorites

This blueberry pancake cupcake recipe is mouth watering. I need to try it now.

I can't get Lana Del Rey's song Off to the Races out of my head. Even though it's about an abusive relationship with her father, I can't listen to it enough. My expectations for her album Born to Die were extremely high because it is so overly hyped on every sort of media I follow - but it seriously lives up to it.

This quaint little Irish cottage looks like the perfect Saint Patrick's Day getaway. Dublin (or Ireland in general) was the only country (aside from Portugal) that I was not able to visit when I studied abroad. I'm green with envy for anyone who's been there.

Can someone please just buy me a dutch oven already (like this one from Le Creuset)? I have an urge to make Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon after watching Julie & Julia this past week.

This my most highly anticipated film. I've been waiting for it forever. Aside from my love for dear Leo DiCaprio, The Great Gatsby is my favorite book (of all time) and the 1920s is tied for first (with the 1960s) as my favorite decade of all time (remember my green vintage 1920 glassware?).
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