Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: California Burritos, Cinnamon Whiskey, and Cats

{A true California Burrito: carne asada, cheese, guacamole, french fries}

You thought this post was going to be about Mad Men, huh? Although my weekend's events did revolve around the Mad Men premiere (which was fantastic aside from that "Zoobie Zoobie Zoo" detour), I also was able to get in some good food, good drinks, and some quality time with  my cat (yes, cat).

Every time I go down to San Diego, I have to get a California burrito from Jalapenos. This time I had it for Sunday dinner (I was down an extra day to get some dental work done) pre-Mad Men. Saturday evening we went out to "The Office" in North Park (which was wonderfully Mad Men themed!). My favorite right now is Fireball Whiskey (and a Fireball Sour is the most delectable drink I've ever had). It's one part Fireball cinnamon whiskey, one part fresh sour mix, and egg whites if you're feeling brave.

{Fireball sour, Fireball cinnamon whiskey}

Now I have to admit that one of my favorite parts of being at home is hanging out with my sister's cat - who has a new found interest in emery boards. I gave myself a nude manicure this weekend, which required slightly longer nails, which required quite a bit of filing. This little cat would not leave me alone - she wanted that emery board. I actually have a punctured hole in it from her teeth. Does your cat love emery boards too, or is mine just insane? I mean she really is the cutest little monster I've ever seen.

{Check out this little fatty}
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