Monday, April 2, 2012

Tiger Hugs (and other animal love)

{All I want is a tiger hug}

Who needs a bear hug when you can get a tiger hug? I am honestly obsessed with tigers (my dream is to meet a tiger - could be cub, could be a grown adult, but I really need to meet a tiger before I die).

You can say that animals are my obsession in general. I love meeting exotic animals, and can't remember a time when I didn't have a pet. At one point I had a dog, a bunny, a guinea pig, a rat, two finches, and a fish tank. Only about 10 animals at once (I don't know how my mom did it). Growing up with animals gives you an appreciation and understanding of them (kind of like speaking another language gives you an appreciation of another culture).

What interesting animals have you met? I've met giraffes, dolphins, elephants, camels, porcupines, snakes... and the list goes on. I've even pet Shamu at Sea World, and at my (male) cousin's birthday party I was the only girl who wanted to hold the boa constrictor. I love animals! Here's a collection of some of my wonderful animal friends that I've met throughout my life.

{Stanley the Giraffe - age 23}

{Nicki the dolphin - age 14}

{El Gato the horse (in Mexico) - age 4}

{At the petting zoo - age 3}

{Riding a camel - age 2}

{Riding an elephant with Dad - age 2}
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  1. What an amazing post. Seriously. Love it! I posed for a photo on the Santa Monica Pier once with a penguin. Never will forget that :)

  2. That tiger photo is amazing! Could you please tell me where it's from, or what the story is behind it?


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