Thursday, May 10, 2012

Slutty Brownies

{Slutty brownies and Essie "As gold as it gets"}

I know. I know... The title of this post sounds like a horrible frat party... but bare with me.

Two things: (1) I am starting to be able to drink martinis like water - delicious olive water. This may or may not be good. (2) I forgot how much I love Oreos (sometimes with peanut butter, like LiLo in The Parent Trap)... but I digress.

This weekend in lieu of a cake for my Dad's 55th birthday, my sister (our little baker) decided to make "Slutty Brownies." This is how it works in our family in terms of preparing holiday meals: I am a competent baker and she is a more-than-competent cook, but she is definitely the baker extraordinaire in terms of creativity while I like to "wing it" with savory dishes. Together, we'd make a perfect team on Top Chef... or Chopped... or The Next Food Network Star... but I digress, again.

Funny side note: my dad used to get my sister and I to drink our milk by feeding us cookies. So cool but it's amazing neither of us is obese.

Here's why these brownies are slutty (according to my soon-to-be-21-year-old sister): they're super easy to make, and you can shove a lot of stuff in them. Appropriate for our father's birthday? Absolutely. Here's how you make them:

{Line a greased pan with a layer of your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough}

{Add the Oreos and please try not to eat too many - it is bikini season (she says as she shoves a wedge of Brie in her mouth...)}

{Align the Oreos in an even layer so that your slutty brownies are easy... to cut}

{Like I said, I forgot how much I loved Oreos}

{Spread a layer of your favorite brownie batter over the top - whatever works. This step is imperative: allow your older sister to lick the bowl.}

{Bake for 25-30 minutes or however long your recipes tell you to. Dig in. We totally at the whole thing between the three of us over the weekend... Bikini season can wait.}

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  1. These brownies are out of control. Out of control AMAZING. Your dad must have loved them! Also, so impressed you can drink martinis like water - definitely a good thing :) I'm not quite there yet but I'm trying to learn to like more classic cocktails. Martinis = super sophisticated, and, in reference to your lovely comment yesterday, definitely not granny-like :)


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