Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WTF Leap Day?

Some people see leap day as a fun, once in a while event, and yet another another reason to celebrate [get inebriated, black out, and call in sick for March 1st].

I see it as something straight out of the Twilight Zone, where the strange exists and the unexplained occurs.
{Twilight Zone, 'The Masks}

Today has just been too weird of a day for me already and it hasn't even ended. Here are a few of my personal (somewhat neurotic) reasons why leap day enters the twilight zone (or Bermuda triangle - whatever supernatural phenomenon you prefer to psych yourself out with).

I hit every single traffic light on my way to work today.

I pondered the question: "Why isn't the extra leap day added to the end of the year?" - but really, have you though about it? Thanks, Julius Caesar.

I had more emails in my personal inbox than my work inbox. - that's a lot of emails considering my circumstances.

This article about how a Florida meth-head burns down a 3,500 year old cypress. - I'm going to follow Bugs Bunny's lead and do this to Florida if this madness continues.

'Leap year' is trending on Google Trends, not 'leap day.'

Davy Jones died today. - cheer up, Sleepy Jean. Read more.

Snooki is pregnant. - should she be allowed to spawn? Wah!

North Korea agrees to suspend nuclear weapons tests. - how did this happen? Only in the Bermuda triangle.

Bristol Palin got her own show. - who would even watch this?

Women are supposed to propose to men on a leap day. - now come on!
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