Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's on Your Los Angeles Bucket List?

{Hiking the Hollywood sign}

One of my best friends is leaving for vet school at UC Davis, and despite all of us living in LA for the past six years, there are so many things that we have yet to experience! Of course, we're trying to cram all of these into her last week (despite working full time and packing up her entire apartment). A lot of these things on our list I have already done, but I feel like you can't live in Los Angeles and not do these things.

Los Angelenos, what are the activities on your bucket list? Here are a few that are on mine:
  1. Hike to the Hollywood sign
  2. Take the Orochon challenge
  3. Visit the Santa Monica Pier and ride the Ferris wheel
  4. Drive up the PCH all the way through Malibu to Santa Barbara (like we did here)
  5. Eat fish tacos at James Beach
  6. Visit the Griffith Observatory at night, stargaze
  7. Walk through Rodeo drive, celeb stalk
  8. Buy a six pack of Sprinkles cupcakes, eat them all
  9. Walk the Venice boardwalk after pitchers of Sangria
  10. Go to a summer concert at the Hollywood Bowl, drink lots of wine
  11. Visit the Getty Museum, Getty Gardens, and Getty Villa
{Griffith Observatory}

{Santa Monica Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier}

{The Getty gardens at the Getty Museum}
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  1. Six-pack of Sprinkles cupcakes - YES! My LA bucket list is mostly food-related. I want to explore Thai Town and Korea Town. I'd like to see a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. And I'd love to spend more time in East LA. I've got a lot to do!


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