Friday, June 8, 2012

Nightly (and Morningly) Rituals

{I wish my bedtime habits were as spontaneous as Holly Golightly's seem to be}

As I get older and increasingly more settled into a daily routine, my life becomes that much more ritualistic. I'm not entirely sure if this is a mild case of OCD a case of self-discipline, but unless I've had a night of heavy drinking, or don't have work the next day, I end my nights relatively the same way each night, and start my mornings relatively the same as well.

Each night... I wash my face and brush my teeth before bed. Normal, right? Not necessarily - it has to be done in a precise order or I feel... off. I must wash my face, then brush my teeth with my Sonicare, floss, rinse, and then apply my nightly moisturizer and chapstick.

Each morning... I chug 3 glasses of water before getting out of bed, make my bed, and head for the shower.

I even have a sleeping ritual... the window is open to let a cool breeze in, but the fan is on to drown out the noise in the alley. I also have to at least fall asleep with an eyemask even though I rip it off in my sleep each night.

I realize that one day I will have to change this to accommodate another person (unless I plan to be married "I Love Lucy" style in twin size beds), but for now I feel as though the structure is "healthy," and if not healthy, at least it works for me.

Are you a spontaneous sleeper, or do you have a more rigid bedtime schedule?

{Good morning, sunshine}

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  1. Definitely more rigid than spontaneous - especially in the morning! I MUST have water before I eat or drink anything else, and I have about 8,000 moisturizers, sunscreen products, and lip balms that come into play before I leave the house. Sounds high-maintenance, but I'm usually out the door within 20 minutes - I've got the routine down to a science :)


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