Friday, June 29, 2012

Wet Bar Essentials for Twenty-Somethings

{Our fully stocked wet bar circa 1960s}

You're twenty-something and you like to entertain, but you don't want to tip your budget by filling a wet bar full of expensive alcohol that your friends will end up drinking during one of your many pre-parties. Here's how to keep enough alcohol on hand for entertaining, while also not breaking the bank investing in extravagant single malt scotches and over the top vodkas.

Maintain a Supply of the Essentials

I generally only drink whiskey sodas or gin martinis (I know, I'm such an old person), and my friends tend to prefer whiskey tonics or vodka tonics for sipping. If we're looking to go hard -which generally doesn't happen since we left college- we look at shots of Jägermeister or vodka and Red Bull.

Here are the essentials I keep on hand:
  • Vodka: Grey Goose, Stolichnaya, and Svedka - varied qualities for different beverages.
  • Gin: I generally keep Beefeaters on hand because it is perfect with tonic or in a martini. However, due to a recent trip to the supermarket (and a very helpful coupon), I bought a bottle of Hendrick's not for sharing.
  • Whiskey: I am a huge whiskey drinker and luckily so are my friends. My whiskey of choice is Jameson, but I also enjoy Southern Comfort with some tonic and a slice of orange. Whiskey is one of those beverages that can adapt and suit anyone.
  • Liquors: Anything else tends to be a gift or something that I bought on a whim. From coconut rum, to coffee liquor, to both sweet and dry vermouth (gifts from my roommate's old job), these occasionally come in handy, but I would not say that they are essentials.
  • Wine and Champagne: I always have a few bottles of inexpensive Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon on hand for a impromptu dinner party. We also keep a bottle of cheap champagne on deck for some bubble to mix into a cocktail or serve to unsuspecting guests.
  • Mixers: You don't need anything more than bitters, sparkling water and tonic. I always keep a bottle of Pellegrino chilled in the fridge.
Wet Bar Organization

When organizing your wet bar, make sure that you have all options that you are willing to share with your guests on display. Put them with an array of shot glasses and other glasses that can take the wear (I don't put my green vintage stemware out yet simply because I'm terrified someone will break them). If you don't have a wet bar in your apartment, you can always get a cart or organize your bar on a table. Remember to have fun with it and let it express your personal style - wet bars are for entertaining and having fun with your friends!

{Classic wet bar - via}

{Girly wet bar - via}

{Retro wet bar - via}

{Tropical wet bar - via}

{My favorite DIY wet bar - via Cupcakes and Cashmere}

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  1. If we're seeking to go hard -which generally would not happen since we left school- we have a look at shots of Jägermeister or vodka and Crimson Bull.


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