Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Cars, Carnitas, Chocolate Mousse

{Homemade Chocolate Mousse}

This weekend was a hectic weekend at that. The highlight of my weekends definitely centered around food and shopping, but in an unexpected and surprisingly delightful way.


This weekend I bit the bullet and decided to buy a new car. My old car, glorious Betty the 2002 BMW 3-series, had more repairs than she was worth, so I decided to trade in. My modest salary does not allow for me to buy another BMW, so I went for the chic, eco-friendly Prius C. I was incredibly nervous to buy a new car, but the more I think about it, the more I believe that I made the right decision. Although the weekend was very exhausting emotionally, and it's hard to let go of your childhood car, I knew it was time, and I have to admit I was very excited to cut the umbilical chord and buy my very first car in my name.

My family gets very attached to cars - so this was like losing a family member. Do you feel the same way about your car?

{My new black Prius C whom I have yet to name... suggestions?}


My good friend is leaving in a week to go to vet school, so this weekend we really had to make it count. We went to cocktails and dinner on Main Street, Santa Monica and later at the Charleston on Wilshire on Saturday night, and on Sunday I invited her over to my boyfriend's apartment for a dinner party with him and a bunch of guys.

I know, cue any sort of music that preludes to food poisoning...

Disastrous you may think, but no, it was delicious. We sipped on Mexican beer and ate homemade carnitas complete with guacamole, slaw, and a cilantro-lime rice. It was unlike any pork I have ever tasted. I really didn't expect more than a pork chop sliced into fajita sized strips, but these boys really know how to throw a dinner party. Color me impressed.

{Homemade carnitas - beginning stages}

{The table spread: rice, carnitas, slaw, guacamole, beers, Jack+coke}

Chocolate Mousse...

Now when I say chocolate mousse, I cannot emphasize enough how decadent, creamy, rich, and airy this chocolate mousse truly was. My boyfriend's roomate's friend is a chemist who enjoys cooking in his spare time -ladies, he's single- and decided to whip up a batch of chocolate mousse for dessert. It's safe to say that we indulged in multiple shot glasses of chocolate mousse, some partaking in three or more - thank goodness he made extras right? It was the cherry on top to a stressful weekend (and it cured my craving for slutty brownies).

{All gone - chocolate mousse madness}
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  1. Chocolate mousse....yum!

  2. This all sounds awesome but the chocolate mousse is what got me - YUM! :)


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