Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Taking the Subway

Last night, whilst working on checking things off of the Los Angeles bucket list, we decided to take the Subway downtown to Orochon. Not only did this check three things off of my friend's bucket list before she leaves (1 - go downtown, 2 - ride the subway, and 3 - eat at Orochon), but riding the subway was extremely convenient to get to our destination. 

Although we had to wait for the train times, taking the subway helped us avoid traffic and paying for parking. The tickets are $1.50 each way, and were extremely convenient for us to take from my boyfriend's high rise apartment in Korea town. 

By 2015, LA officials say that the purple line on the subway will extend all the way to Santa Monica, and it will be a quick 45 minute ride to downtown from the Westside. So here's the question: would you take the subway in Los Angeles? 

A lot of my friends think taking the subway is unfathomable, dirty, and disgusting - but to them I say, as I laugh in their faces, that it is better for the environment and reduces traffic on the streets of Los Angeles, much less reduces your stress since you don't have to sit in traffic. Other large cities (Paris, New York, Rome, etc.) have a fantastic subway system that no one regards as "dirty." If LA just had a better mode of public transportation (and locals changed their perception of the subway), a lot of our problems on surface streets would go away!

How do you feel about public transportation in Los Angeles?
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  1. I have never taken a subway in LA, so I can't judge...

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