Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Craving Paris (Then and Now)

{Our apartment that overlooked Le Sacre Coeur in 2008}

Firstly, congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings for winning the Stanley Cup! Since most Angelenos do not know a thing about hockey, let me enlighten you with a little bit of hockey terminology that I learned from my dad, the avid hockey fan (born and raised in Denver, Colorado):
  • Gordy Howe Face Rub: Palm someone's face, rub in a circular motion kind of like Jazz Hands.
  • Hip Check into the Boards: Take your hip, slam it into someone else's and throw them into the "wall." This is a favorite past time in the Turman family.
  • 5 Hole: Where you shoot a goal between the goalie's legs. He just went 5 hole on the goalie! (Gets my dad every time!)
  • Top Shelf: The top part of the net in hockey.
Now you can be an enlightened LA Kings fan. Go Kings!

Anyways back to the subject of this post...

Paris will always be a city that I long for. This week mon petit ami is visiting the beautiful city on business and it is making me crave going back to the romantic, beautiful, scintillating city.

I've been lucky enough to visit Paris 5 times. Once when I was 12, once when I was 17, and three times when I was 20. It is a city unlike any other. Here is a collection of my photos from la belle ville that we know as Paris, France - starting with the 17-year-old excursion with my dad and sister (who had braces at the time - she's going to kill me) and ending with my 20 year old trip when I was studying abroad (which you can classify by that over-worn, yet so adorable, black and white hounds-tooth coat).

{Atop le arc du triomphe in 2006)

{Le Notre Dame - she loves to remind me that she's taller than me (even when she was 14)}

{Blining at Les Jardins de Luxembourg}

{Atop Le Tour Eiffel}

{A lovely day of shopping au Champs Elysees}

{Flash forward 2008: Atop our apartment in Montmartre with incredible views}

{Le Moulin Rouge}

{A French feast of various meats, cheeses, bread, fruit and wine}

{Au Champs Elysees for a night on the town}

{Paris in all it's glory}

{Paris lights}

{Making vin chaud (hot wine) atop Montmartre before my last night in Paris - I have yet to return. It's time.}
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