Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Happy July!

{Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello}

This weekend was a blur. As you know one of my best friends left for vet school this weekend, and her final request was -wait for it- to go see Magic Mike. So we did her bidding. We bought tickets for the 11pm showing on opening night and snuck in bottles of wine to keep us occupied during the uninteresting plot that they attempted to shove down our throats. We thought we were being original when in reality, the half-full theater of hormonal women all had the same idea. The movie was only good when the cast was dancing and shaking it -oh boy, was that dancing amazing- and I probably enjoyed it a little bit more than I would otherwise thanks to the wine. But like I said, the plot is horrible. They should have stuck to dancing the whole time.

I also visited 800 Degrees this weekend in Westwood. This pizza is all the craze among college students so my sister and I did a little double date to the pizzeria. You select a pizza base (Margherita, red sauce, or sauce-less) and then you pick the toppings that they generously pile on. The pizza is cooked in an 800 degree oven to perfection. It is thin and light, and  you can eat every last bite (you'll want to too). I chose tomatoes, chicken and artichokes as my toppings and the boy chose pepperoni, spicy Italian peppers and tomatoes. Delicioso!

This week I am focusing on taking care of myself (with the exception to the Fourth of July celebration to come) because I am leaving my job at the end of this week to start working managing social media efforts for a huge beauty brand (I'll leave you with the suspense and tell you at a later point where I'll be working). I'm so excited, but through all of the excitement, I'm bound to get sick due to sheer sensory overload. That's why this week I'll be posting healthy summer recipes in order to inspire myself and maybe even inspire you.

{800 Degrees Pizzeria}

{A healthy seasonal snack packed with antibiotics}
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