Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Perfect Martini (Shaken not Stirred)

{The perfect martini is very dirty}

Firstly, here are my three requisites for the perfect martini: (1) it has to be extremely olivey and briney, (2) it has to be shaken, not stirred, (3) it has to be gin. Any other type of martini is just a slap in the face to any martini ever.

Secondly, if you follow me on instagram (@amyturman), you will think I'm a 100% alcoholic because I post a lot of photos of what I may or may not be drinking. Can you really have a social night without having a cocktail?

Thirdly, Grandma would be proud, yes she would. If I could describe her in one sentence: Grandma is a woman who has a gin on the rocks (with extra olives for me to eat) every night and a fantastic sense of humor. She's not just a gin fan; she's a Beefeater gin fan. Now Beefeater may be the Smirnoff of all gins, but I don't care. I still believe that Beefeater dirty martinis with 6 olives makes the perfect pick me up (or dinner).

Here's my recipe for the perfect dirty gin martini:
3 oz gin (Beefeater gin is just splendid, but Hendrick's makes for a fancier martini)
1/2 oz extra dry vermouth
1/2 oz olive juice
6 Spanish olives

Step one, eat one of the olives (you'll be eyeing them and fishing for them with your fingers out of your martini if you don't give in and eat one now). Step two, add the vermouth, gin, and olive juice into a shaker with a bunch of ice. Step three, shake your ingredients together like there's no tomorrow. The ice will melt due to friction and will semi-dilute your martini and make it less strong. Strain it into your martini glass and plop in the olives.

If your martini isn't cloudy, it isn't dirty enough. The dirtier the better. It should be salty, briney and fully satisfying.

{The culprits: gin, vermouth and olives - clearly running out of gin}

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