Thursday, May 3, 2012

10 Reasons Not to Hate Twitter (And Why You Should Embrace It)

It's time to get on the Twitter train.

For the life of me I still cannot get some of my friends to get a Twitter account. No matter how I coax them, or show them how I stay ahead of the curve with my news and gossip, they still think it's creepy that I have so many "random people" following me. So to all of you Twitter haters out there here are my 10 reasons not to hate Twitter.

10 - The growth of Twitter is too big to go unnoticed. Twitter has grown to over 2 billion accounts. All of the major players in the business, sports, and entertainment worlds have a piece of this pie.

9 - It's incredibly easy. As probably the most low maintenance social networking tool around, Twitter only requires 140 characters from you every now and then. Even if your account is dormant for awhile, chances are you won't lose followers because people mainly unfollow uninteresting or spammy accounts.

8 - Revenue. Potential. Kim Kardashian and the girls from The Hills get paid thousands of dollars to tweet ads (via the geniuses at Large accounts get bought for cash. People get paid to manage social media accounts. And the opportunities are endless...

7 - You only have to follow who you want to follow. If someone annoys you, you don't have to follow them. Just like if someone stalks you on Twitter inappropriately, you can block them. It's extremely discreet and extremely private.

 6 -  It is a perfect tool to see what's going on in the lives of the rich and famous. This is a big selling point to a lot of my friends. People who enjoy hearing about other people's lives should join Twitter immediately - get your news about whomever you please at the tip of your fingers. Honestly, it's where I get most of my news.

5 - Social media is the new frontier - why not take part in exploring and mastering it? I use this term a lot. Social media is the new frontier because it is relatively new, and relatively undiscovered. There is no science to it, so people who master it get a bigger piece of the pie (in terms of revenue, online klout, etc.). Twitter superstars will soon be on the same level as YouTube sensations.

4 - You can network and connect with people that you wouldn't naturally run into on the street. Ellen DeGeneres and Britney Spears follow me on Twitter. I'm not calling up Britney or Ellen, but I definitely have gotten in contact and conversed with people that I normally would not via phone or in the street. Social media opens these doors up to people interacting with people outside of their social circles. Opportunities are endless.

3 - It is a great tool for finding a new job or opportunity. Katalyst is Ashton Kutcher's company - they use Twitter to recruit their up and comers. Just like any other news source, Twitter is a great way for you to know which jobs are available and in which industries. Companies like Google also have specific accounts solely to recruit.

2 - Twitter is a great way to grow your online influence. This age is all about online recognition. YouTube sensations are the next pop stars, and Twitter isn't that far behind. People can promote their blogs, their photos, and their work through Twitter. It's a fantastic way for you to get your name out there, and give some legitimate search results if and when people Google you.

1 - In the Age of Information, you can't afford not to have one. We are now who we promote ourselves to be online. Especially if you are in marketing, public relations, social media, advertising, etc. you cannot afford to NOT have a Twitter account. Get your name out there and start promoting yourself.
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