Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let's Talk Oral Hygiene...

{What's your nightly oral hygiene routine?}

I go to the dentist about every 5 months for a cleaning (which in my opinion is definitely more than others who narrow it down to every 9 months or even every few years!). I don't usually get cavities, but I am constantly being yelled at for not flossing!

I hate flossing. I bought a Sonicare toothbrush because I read that it if you brush with a Sonicare you don't need to floss (not just for the bright white smile that comes with it).

However - did you know that bacteria starts to build up after only 24 hours? If you floss daily, you don't need to worry about the bacteria that makes gums sensitive and leads to gum disease and even tooth loss. Time to pick up the flossing... daily.

How often do you floss? What's your daily tooth-brushing routine? I definitely would love to know. Visiting my dentist today really doesn't help my OOCD (oral obsessive compulsive disorder).
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