Friday, May 25, 2012

Hugh Laurie Makes Us Feel Classy on a Thursday

{Hugh Laurie, the Dr. Gregory House, in the house}

A wonderful television series ended this week. Yes, I'm talking about House M.D. Kevin was feeling rather sad about it, so on a whim we decided to try and see Hugh Laurie in concert. 

I bet you didn't know that good ol' Hugh is a fantastic pianist with a talent for rhythm and blues, or as a matter of fact that he is British (and has a thick British accent). Comfortably packed into the El Rey theater at Mid-Wilshire, we swayed with Hugh Laurie as he sang with his extremely talented ensemble, and sipped 15 year old Macallan scotch. 

According to Mr. Laurie, the best way to commemorate the unification of such great musicians is with whiskey - I couldn't have said it better myself (because we all know that I'm all about the whiskey business...). It felt as though we were all sitting on an old leather couch, smoking cigars and sipping scotch, while listening to a crazy uncle play the piano and sing along (with an amazing band behind him nonetheless). He is not like House in real life - he's a very charismatic man who laughed along with the crowd and told nerdy anecdotes about the history behind the songs he was singing. Bravo, Mr. Laurie.

{Hugh Laurie at the El Rey Theatre, May 24, 2012}

{Hugh Laurie himself with some of his bandmates that look like Steve Jobs and a thin Mitt Romney}

{An intimate moment between Hugh and his bandmate - wind and brass instrument player extraordinaire}

{Another story - complete with a banjo}

{The gorgeous chandelier of the El Rey theater}

{A cute duet moment between Hugh and his "sister" (his words)}

{My highlighter pink nails and black glass ring matched my wristband}
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  1. Thank you for the report! Which song did he sing with his "sister"?

    1. She sang back up for him the entire time, and he let her have a solo. She's amazing!

  2. Please, what's the concert duration?


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