Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Memorial Day Edition

{Hermosa Beach Fair}

While many Los Angelinos were in Las Vegas or Palm Springs, my friends and I decided to stay local and enjoy the many things the city of angels has to offer.

The long weekend consisted of great food, great drinks and great time with friends. Saturday we visited the Hermosa Beach fair complete with a Bloody Mary, and then that night was followed with a trip to the Charleston (a speak easy bar that actually serves a "jazz brunch" - I must check this one out) and to my very first karaoke bar, the Gas Lite. Sunday was a day for some much needed R&R, and Monday we got burgers and beers at Father's Office. What can be more American than burgers and beers and impending obesity? Not much, my friends.

{"Eye" spy a boyfriend in a highlighter yellow hat}

{These breathtaking photos of Catalina are among the many things vendors were selling at the fair}

{Stupid Llamas!}

{Whiskey and speakeasy}

{A Great Gatsby-esque chandelier}

{Have you ever been to a karaoke bar? While it may look dive-y, it sure offers some laughs}
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