Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up: Sweet Sundays with Suzanne

{Sundays with Suzanne (my mom) on the Venice Boardwalk}

This Friday commemorated my dog's birthday who passed away in February after 15 loving long years with our family. This Sunday my mom decided to come up to visit my sister and I to visit, catch up, and have a lunch full of laughs, interesting encounters, and sharing of memories from our relationships with our sweet puppy.

Mom also mentioned that she had gifts for my sister and I: a very sweet, caring woman, my mom tends to give very interesting (and sometimes weird) gifts even though she doesn't always fully get how creepy she can get. My sister and I jokingly speculated that she got us mini urns with the dog's ashes (or more morbidly pieces of her fur, or her paw on a key chain like a rabbit's foot). The gift was a very thoughtful dainty silver ring with our dog's name engraved on the inside of it. It is something that I will wear every day, and a great reminder of the great relationships that we have formed with both the present and the past.

{Sangria at the Venice Ale House - a necessity in our family}

{A dainty silver bangle as a gift from my mom}

{The Venice Boardwalk - quite the culture shock for my mom}

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