Friday, May 11, 2012

Whiskey Business

{Whiskey business}

Let's face it: the college years are behind me and it's time to focus on grown up drinks (not Tang concentrate mixed with well liquor or shots of tequila from a sketchy plastic bottle chased with lemons stolen from the dining hall). I've recently shared my love for the classic martini (gin only, amateurs), but overall I really have grown an appreciation and a taste for whiskey - Irish whiskey, Canadian whiskey, Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee bourbon, Scotch... you name it.

So here's the rub - whiskey isn't necessarily the most "lady-like" drink. Yeah it will raise a few eyebrows, turn a few heads, and give you a few "guy points" when you order it at the bar instead of the standard Grey Goose and tonic, but how can you make this scrumptious liquor more suited for the our gender?

Robin from How I Met Your Mother drinks scotch (which makes her incredibly bad-ass) and Don Draper drinks whiskey (Old-Fashioneds to be exact). Since two of the coolest television characters ever drink whiskey, we, as the social feminine breed we are, need to find drinks that are acceptable - whiskeptable.

From my experience the standard Jameson and soda with a wedge of lemon is pretty awesome (more awesome if you order some obscure whiskey on the rocks or straight). I also have experienced the eye-roll from the bartender when ordering a whiskey tonic (so what if it kills the flavor of the whiskey? I feel like it tastes like cranberry juice!). Bourbon and diet coke is also a good one... mix it up. Whiskey goes well in sweet, sour, etc. And if you cough up a little extra cash to avoid the well whiskeys, it won't even have a bite - trust me... Unless you want it to?

{Real men (and women) drink whiskey}

{I even heard it cures cancer - conspiracy.}

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  1. I have been having a hard time finding my drink, and I am a huge HIMYM fan, so maybe I'll have to try to make whiskey a drink of mine.

    - Allison


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