Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who Said Beige Was Boring?

{Beige is beautiful}

Lately, I have been in full blown arguments with my sister lately about whether beige is refreshing or whether it is a boring color for boring people. Back and forth, back and forth. While I enjoy powerful pops of color like orange and green, she prefers the neutrals like black. Who would stick to the neutrals when you can really express yourself with colors?

I confess... I now see her side of it. (Savor this moment, sister.)

I have recently began incorporating more beige into my wardrobe starting with (of course) the shoes. I have an adorable pair of Steve Madden patent leather nude pumps that I bought on sale that started my obsession with beige. From there, I bought sweet silk tops, embellished blouses (for a little bit of excitement), and flowing blush skirts. Beige tends to make a statement without being over-the-top. I even bought a cheap bottle of beige nail polish (that I covered with my gold sparkles). Okay... I digress.

{Beige rhinestone blouse which reminds me of sparkly champagne c/o Piperlime}

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  1. I've been slow getting on the beige train. But you just may have convinced me :)


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