Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coachella Miracles

{More Coachella, please}

Four things you may be thinking: (1) Is this girl done obsessing over Coachella yet? Never. (2) Did she coordinate her teal ombre sunglasses to match her teal ombre hair? Actually my style was pure coincidence. I'm just that good. (3) Why won't she retire that ratty old jean vest? Because I love it dearly like a childhood blanket. (4) What's a Coachella miracle? Well I'm glad you asked.

You see every year we camp with this ever-growing-eccentric group of people from all walks of life, and every year there are Coachella miracles (so they call them). Coachella miracles can range from finding an extra roll of toilet paper, to finding your vodka hidden deep inside the cooler when you thought you drank it all, to the angelic voice of Florence Welch, to a hologram resurrection of Tupac Shakur (yes, I went there). This year the Coachella miracles were bountiful - so bountiful that I cannot remember all of them. It's more of a believing over seeing type of thing anyways (kind of like Santa Claus but with a lower standard of hygiene).

Here are the last of the Coachella pictures that I will share with you. Coachella 2012 weekend 1 was definitely a Coachella miracle in itself and a weekend that will never be forgotten. I highly recommend getting together a fun group of low-maintenance people and camping under the stars for the best music festival to ever hit California (and maybe the United States).

{Grouplove - my new favorite Coachella discovery}

{Cold-chella under the Ferris Wheel (waiting for the Black Keys, mind you)}

{Car camping day two}

{Beware of landsharks}

{Day three and still standing}

{Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre}

{"Playing House" at the campgrounds}

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