Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coachella Inspiration (the time has come...)

{Flower child}

One more day of work until I can sink my feet into the Coachella grass, soak up the sun, and sway like a child to the sweet sounds of the world's best musicians. (Do you think that I've lost my mind yet?) Not only have we waited since June 2011 to go to back Coachella, but now we are waiting impatiently for the set times (to make sure I can make it to both Justice and Florence) and for our short caravan drive into Indio. We will be camping with a large group of fun-loving friends and partaking in as many Coachella festivities as we possibly can. Get ready for a weekend of filth, fun and free love (in the millennium sense, not the 1960s sense...).


In order to satisfy my Coachella craving (and half deter my Coachella anxiety that will only grow until I reach the sacred fields), I have found some beautiful photos that help describe the look that I will be going for at Coachella this year. There are three styles people can adopt: neon and hipster, flowy and boho, or high-waisted and retro. This year I have decided for a retro-boho look complete with flowy dresses and even teal hair (yes! I will post photos!). I simply just cannot wait any longer for Thursday to be here!

{Unexpected teal tips to give an edge to a blonde 'do}

{Flowy, sheer patterns to stay cool in the desert heat}

{Indian headdress may look ridiculous to you, but it's Coachella friendly}

{Kate Bosworth, the ultimate Coachella style inspiration and I feel like I run into her at every concert I go to in LA}

{Playing in the fields of grass}

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