Monday, April 9, 2012

Los Angeles Beer Fest

{Cheers to Beer Fest}

This weekend a handful of my oldest friends came up for the day on Saturday to frequent the amazing Los Angeles Beer Fest. Aside from a horrible sun burn and a terrible rendition of 'Rock Me Like a Hurricane' while waiting in line for a tap that ran out, it was overall an amazing time and a great way to celebrate my friend's birthday and recent engagement. The best beer, the best city, the best time.

What is this amazing Beer Fest? Well, for one low flat rate you get a 3 oz. adorable mug and let loose to stumble around in the Paramount Pictures Studio to drink as much beer as you can for three hours. 

They also invite some amazing food trucks for you to soak up the ever so dangerous three hours of all-you-can-drink-beer including the Border Grill truck, Greasy Wieners, Komodo, and the Bun Truck. My favorite beers this time around (yes, we went last year too): Red Trolley Amber Ale, Hollywood Blonde, and Big Daddy I.P.A.

Plus, did you know if you say "beer can" in an English accent, it sounds like you're saying "bacon" in Jamaican?

{Paramount Pictures Studios}

{Drink, Eat, Play - the motto of the event}

{The lot was lined with beer vendors handing out free samples}

{Hollywood Blonde on a Hollywood set}

{Cheers, Governor}

{Frothy and fresh Red Trolley Amber Ale and Pale Ale}

{The boyfriend, me, and the (recently engaged!) birthday boy}

{I chose lunch at the Border Grill food truck - best carne asada quesadilla I've ever eaten}
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  1. Looks like such a great time - and you all look so WARM! Missing LA right now... :)

    1. By warm, do you mean sunburned? (Because I'm a lobster)


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