Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coachella Blues (Hair Edition)

{Too much of a risk to dye the hair blue for Coachella?)

Coachella is all about taking style risks. Or at least that's what I tried to convince myself when my roommate, sister, and boyfriend all agreed it would be a great time to finally dye the tips of my hair a vibrant color. With my roots heinously grown out, and my hair in desperate need of a nice cut, I decided to go for the ombre teal tips for Coachella. Plus, I've never really experimented with my hair. Straight, blonde, maybe a bang. Boom. Meet teal hair dye.

You only live once - and it's just hair... right? I have made the pledge not to make this blog incredibly self-centered, but this is an experience I just had to share with you. I'm extremely proud of the cajones that I grew in order to go for it and do it myself.

Do you want to see pictures of the results? Do you? Keep reading...

{Teal tips for Coachella to match the teal sunglasses, with a fuchsia lip and vintage jean jacket}

Now this may not be the classiest style decision I've ever made in regards to my hair color. However, I may as well do this while I'm still young and can pull this off or attempt to pull this off.

Overall the response was extremely positive: a handful of friends told me that I should make it more permanent. Well, I don't think clients would respond well to a crazy girl with blue hair (perpetuating the stereotype that I so desperately try to avoid), but it was definitely a fun experiment (and the ends are still a little bit blue until it all washes out - I'm not brave enough to cut my hair that short). The Turman-ator finally upped the edge.

{The roomie and I in the dance tent}

How to Dye Your Tips Teal

You will need a pair of disposable rubber gloves and a semi-permanent hair color. This will really only work if you have light, color-treated hair. The dye will not stick to dark hair.

Step 1: Brush through your semi-clean hair thoroughly and part it down the middle all the way down (as if you were going to separate it into pig tails)

Step 2: Put on your rubber gloves and grab a large goop of your hair dye. You want to thoroughly saturate your ends and slowly work your way up your strands of hair. Make sure that as you work your way up your hair dye is less saturated. You want an ombre effect rather than a clean line from blonde to blue.

Step 3: Make your ends of your hair with the color blended into your regular hair color. I actually watched this YouTube video to prep myself - and it was extremely easy.

Step 4: Leave in for 10-15 minutes (depending on your dye) and wash it out thoroughly. I even shampoo'd my hair to make sure that it all washed out and didn't get all over my clothes in the Coachella heat.

Have you ever dyed your hair a bizarre color? This was my first experience, and I really want to know if you've ever tried anything this crazy!
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