Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Friday, Klouchebags

{ measures your level of internet douche baggery}

Happy Friday, and oh what a happy Friday it is. Here's a little internet gem: It tells you how much of an ass you are on the internet. It measures you in anger, retweet abuse, social aps, and English misuse.

According to Klouchebag, I have a score of 71: this is because I post my FourSquare activity onto twitter, abbreviate my tweets (who doesn't? It's only 140 characters), and use old fashioned RTs in order to add my opinion (that's what twitter's for right?).

However, this app is nothing to take too seriously and it is all in good fun. Mostly it's a retaliation against all of the companies and executives that hire or don't hire people based on their Klout scores.

Soapbox moment: while Klout can measure your level of influence in some topics, I think that it almost perpetuates internet activity to move towards popular topics. It doesn't stimulate innovation and creativity on the internet, rather perpetuates "hating" and non-useful topics (like the name of Justin Bieber's member - I wish I was kidding).

So have a great weekend, friends, and check out this new "social tool." It's incredibly funny and reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.
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