Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Traveling Vicariously: Frankfurt, Germany

{Along the Main}

As you may or may not know, the other half has been sent to Frankfurt on business. Despite my whining and complaining, I could not accompany him on his first trip to Europe (even though I do have the vacation saved up at work). So I have decided to share my brief trip to Frankfurt from 2008 in order to quench my thirst to go back to Europe (especially since I am completely jealous that someone I know is going there without me).

Frankfurt is my homeland, supposedly my family has distant relatives still living there today, and I have actually visited there even though it was for less than 24 hours passing through from Berlin to Vienna. It is a pleasant city, although it is more industrial than the romantic cities in France and Italy.

The modern art there cannot be rivaled with, and the river and old town square juxtaposed with the industrial modernity of the tall buildings really creates a charming feeling that only the Germans can truly pull off. Also, the make the best currywurst ever in Frankfurt.

{A quaint garden nestled between the city of Frankfurt}

{The town centre of Frankfurt} 

{Frankfurt's Opera House}

{Atop the highest building in Frankfurt - excuse the blurriness, I was hardly the photographer in 2008 that I am today}

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  1. What great photos! That quaint garden looks so beautiful :)


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