Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Friday Night at Dodgers Stadium

{Dodgers Stadium at sunset on a Friday night}

Lucky lucky girls. One of my friend's neighbors works in sales for the Dodgers so we were hooked up with free Loge-level tickets for the Padres vs. Dodgers game. I had been to many Padres games (since I am a San Diego native and a sad sad Padres fan), but I had never been to Dodgers Stadium, so this was definitely a check off of the LA bucket list.

The traffic was terrible, but I did love that the stadium was secluded from the rest of the Los Angeles hustle-and-bustle. I tried my first Dodger Dog, and I even was allowed onto the field for the fireworks! It was a great to end the first week at the new job with another new adventure. Plus, beer and a good hot dog is always welcome.

{A cold Bud Lite and a Dodger Dog with the works}

{Kevin and I on the field for summer fireworks}
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