Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Best Man Olympics

{Get serious, or get out. These are the Best Man Olympics}

This weekend was the Best Man Olympics. A combination of talent, creativity and shame as 5 best friends fought to win over the affection of their best friend.

Hilarity ensues.

Now this wasn't just any stupid competition: this was the competition to become the best man for the first person out of my high school group of friends to get married: an honor above all honors.

5 competitors. 7 events. The interview, the Best Man speech, the bachelor party presentation, the trivia, the drinking game, the Single Ladies' dance, and the scenarios... in that order. It was truly an event to remember and will go down in the history books of our little close-knit group.

The guys really took it seriously: the best man speeches were extremely heartfelt, and those of us in the peanut gallery were thoroughly impressed with each of their efforts to be heartfelt yet funny at the same time.

Suffice to say, Kevin (the other half) won the competition, and I couldn't be happier. The worst part about having a big group of guy friends is that unless they're marrying one of my friends, I don't get to be in their wedding. However, having your boyfriend be the best man almost makes up for it!

Check out this wonderful collection of photos from the event:

{The interview}

{The bachelor party presentation: "Get hit in the face with awesome."}

{The drinking game - a combination of beer pong, a scavenger hunt, and binge drinking}

{Mitch's choice of costume: The Abe Lincoln}

{During the scavenger hunt, Bobby had to propose to a Helzenberg employee}

{Never looked better: Kevin and Sam before the Single Ladies' dance}

{The "dancers"}

{Check out these coordinated guys}

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