Friday, July 6, 2012

In With the New

This weekend marks a grand transition in my life. Although it is the first time in six years that I am actually staying put in my apartment, I feel like my whole world is changing - but for the better. Recently, I bought a new car, a lovely Prius C which I adore, and next week I am leaving my job that I have had for the past two years to start a corporate social media job with the huge beauty and skincare company, Murad. I will be designing and running all of their social media efforts and am so excited to have a job with such exposure and opportunity.

This is the big break that any 23 year old social media junkie would dream of. New car, new job: things are really looking up. It is going to be such a challenge to shake out of my comfort zone and embark on these new adventures, but I am so anxious to get going. This year has been a hard one thus far with many curve balls, and I'm excited to be handed a bit of good fortune with some great new opportunities.

Enjoy your weekend (I know I will be savoring mine before the craziness of switching jobs starts)! I will be venturing down to San Diego to watch the "Best Man Olympics" - where one of my close friends is making his groomsmen compete to see who is the most worthy to be Best Man at his wedding. Updates and embarrassing photos to come.
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  1. That's awesome, Amy! Congratulations!!! And I love the idea of a Best Man Olympics - can't wait to see pics!


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