Saturday, February 25, 2012

Juice it Up: A Visit to Pressed Juicery

Instead of wasting my Saturday morning in bed or in front of my television, I decided to try and motivate myself to get out and be active while the sun was still out. Pressed Juicery is a brisk 2 mile jog away from my apartment in Brentwood - and I had been dying to try it.
The order: detox 3 - a delightful and refreshing blend of grapefruit and mint (I'm a sucker for mint with citrus), and greens 2 - romaine, kale, spinach, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, and apple (I had to try one of the green juices since the new "thing is to eat your veggies"). I was a tad overwhelmed by the parsley flavor (I've never been a fan), but the cucumber and apple juice was a surprisingly sweet combination that I enjoyed.
The attendant at the bar even thanked me for saving the environment when I politely refused a bag.

The downside: I felt extremely under-dressed compared to the women in trendy work-out gear, and the blonde waifs drinking their "lunches." I feel like Pressed Juicery is the kind of place where you need to wear your most expensive work out gear to visit. My own self-consciousness aside, the staff was friendly, and the juice was cold and refreshing during my power-walk by Marilyn Monroe's old home then back to my apartment.
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