Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Everything's Better in Paris

Everything's better in Paris...

I stumbled across this blog via one of my daily reads (A Cup of Jo) that compares Paris and New York. Although it makes New York seem impersonal and neurotic, and it makes Paris seem completely fabulous and delicious, I find these comparisons extremely clever and accurate.

It makes me think of the romantic vibe that Paris emits unlike any other city. It truly is magical. How else would Woody Allen make you fall in love with Owen Wilson and completely hate Rachel McAdams? By showing the contrast of crude, obnoxious Americans versus the gentle, poetic, artistic French in 'Midnight in Paris.'

Not to mention, it is an understatement to say that I am itching to go back to my favorite country. I studied abroad in Grenoble for six months in 2008, and ever since, la vie americaine just doesn't compare to la vie fran├žaise. Which do you prefer? Paris or New York?

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