Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shopaholic Obsessions: Rue La La

I do most of my shopping online, and Rue La La is a dream come true for a semi-materialistic female who's on a budget (and let's be honest, usually "materialistic" and "budget" don't go in the same sentence). From designers to high end furniture to brand name kitchen appliances to one-of-a-kind art work and luxurious vacations, Rue La La has everything to offer (and nothing to lose!).

With the option for daily emails (which even as a spam hater, I opt for the daily email promptly at 8:00 am), browsing the site first thing in the morning is almost a part of my ritual. I have bought shoes, purses, appliances, and even gifts (yes, I bought my Dad a cashmere sweater vest for Christmas last year).

Here is a fraction of some of my favorite purchases
Badgley Mischka Satin Pumps
Forte Men's Cashmere Sweater Vest
Charles David "Emily" Sandals 
Cuisinart Coffee Pot
Jamie Olivier Knife Set
Kate Spade Kelly Green Leather Bucket Purse
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