Friday, August 31, 2012

Palm Springs Weekender

{Sunscreen and mojitos - the essentials}

Suffice to say the new job has taken a lot of time, like any change would. I'm not stressed, but my time is definitely more valuable than it used to be just because I have to really prioritize who I see and trim the fat when it comes to social situations that I'd rather avoid (especially when my health is in question!).

A few weeks ago, a handful of us went to Palm Springs for a relaxing weekend in the sun to get out of the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. We stocked up on crudités, an assortment of cheese and meets, homemade pizza, and the brunch essentials, not to mention lots of rum, tequila and white wine which we mixed with an abundance of sweet watermelon and mint.

It was so relaxing to sip on cocktails all day by the pool, get some well-earned vitamin-D, and relax in a fully furnished home on the golf course. It was exactly what I needed to set me on track for the busy, yet exciting upcoming months.

{Brunch of banana pancakes, eggs and watermelon}


{A glass of Chardonnay from the reserve in the house}
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